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About Us

Majestic India was set up in 2012 after an inspiring and unforgettable trip to India.  We are a husband and wife team located in Sussex, England and when we embarked on our journey to discover my husband’s ‘roots’ in India we could not have been prepared for how India would win our affections and how the people we met would warm our hearts. My husband and I were both born in the UK but my husband is of Anglo Indian Origin. His parents were both born in India before the separation of the country in 1947 and moved to the UK some 15 years later. Over the years we would sit and listen with interest with our two sons to the stories about India told to us by their grandparents and great grandparents and always hoped that we would one day have the opportunity to visit this magical place.

It was important to us to see and experience for ourselves the culture and influences that have enriched our lives through this connection with India, so began our adventure.

During our tour of India we took a trip to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, commonly referred to as ‘The Pink City’.  This city is rich in royal history with ancient forts and enchanting palaces, it is rich also in colour as you wander through the bustling bazaars filled with men in brightly coloured turbans and women in their rainbow coloured saris, Jaipur’s charm is truly captivating.

While visiting Jaipur we took the opportunity to purchase some handcrafted Indian products to bring home as gifts and souvenirs of our wonderful stay in India. During these shopping trips in Jaipur we met our two suppliers. We immediately fell in love with the craftsmanship, originality and quality of these hand stitched and hand printed bedspreads and being persons of good taste we thought there must be others who would also appreciate their beauty.  So ‘Majestic India’ was born and we are now happy to be able to bring this exquisite handmade Indian bedding back to the UK and make it available for people to purchase here. In doing so we are also supporting the traditional craftsmen of India.