Fair Trade

Majestic India sources merchandise ethically from small businesses, cooperatives and government backed cottage industries who pay their workers fairly and provide good working conditions. By doing this we can contribute to the sustainable development of these businesses and the job security of those they employ. We always pay a fair price for our products and we always make payments in advance for stock, this ensures that our suppliers do not encounter any cash flow problems.

We aim to build good relationships with our suppliers and buy our products directly from sources that are operating to internationally recognised fair trade standards. Having visited our suppliers personally we feel we have a direct connection with them. We communicate with them regularly and will endeavour to visit them as often as we can to ensure that these fair trade policies are being implemented.

Cottage Industries are small businesses set up and managed by groups of people living in rural areas to produce hand made products. These are often made by people in their own homes using the traditional techniques passed down by previous generations. With prevailing unemployment, these people have no alternative but to set up small scale industries for the survival of their livelihood. 

The Cottage Industry is essential for India as it provides an enormous potential for employment in these rural areas. It has also given economic independence to the women of India. Women living in rural areas were not traditionally encouraged to leave their homes to go to work so this solution gives them the opportunity to work from home alongside their families. India’s population is huge with the majority of those living in villages. Cottage Industries support a large section of the population living in rural India.